In 1868 a church/school was built at Bridge Street in the Springhill area to serve the growing Catholic population of Shotts. Two years later Shotts was separated from its mother parish and mission of St. Mary's in Lanark. In 1872, St. Patrick is mentioned as Patron Saint of the Church and Parish. At this time the Parish of St. Patrick's included Shotts, Allanton, Hartwood and Harthill.
In 1878, with the restoration of the Scottish Hierarchy, the Church in Scotland became better organised and less well off Parishes received assistance to build suitable churches and schools. A school was bought by the Parish Priest in Charlotte Street enabling the church building to be dedicated solely to its liturgical function. These buildings served the Catholic community well for the next 25 years.

A new presbytery was built at the turn of the century in the present 7 acre site on Station Road. An Oratory was set up at this site for the convenience of the growing Catholic population in Dykehead. Mass was celebrated here on weekdays while the Sunday Masses were celebrated in the Church at Springhill. The present church, designed by P.P. Pugin, was opened on the 26th November 1905.

The old school in Charlotte Street was now too small for its 300 pupils. A new parish school was opened 30th July 1909 on parish property adjacent to the church. The school became a new focal point for parish social life; being used for parish dances, billiards, bowling and other social activities out-with school hours. In 1924 Harthill was established as a separate parish with a Church dedicated to St. Catherine of Siena being built in 1925.

This short history of St. Patrick's concentrates on the buildings which have served the Parish since its foundation in 1878. These buildings have existed to serve the "living stones" which is the more important building; the flesh and blood of the people of St. Patrick's Parish. The school motto "Fortis in Fide" ["Strong in Faith"] serves to reflect on those who have built up this Parish and hopefully inspires the present fold to carry on the work of their forefathers.

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